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Artist Pippa Blake will present a solo exhibition that takes inspiration from a Chichester Festival Theatre co-production with Out of Joint and Shakespeare’s Globe in late May 2015

Blake first thought of making work based on a theatre production several years ago, excited at the prospect of exploring the visuals, atmosphere and psychology of a play. She was subsequently invited to set up a residency at Chichester Festival Theatre during Festival 2014 and chose to focus on Pitcairn, a world premiere by Richard Bean,…

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Posted on April 29, 2015

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exhibition at artis

Conflicted; The latest exhibition of work by Pippa Blake will take place at Artis in Auckland, New Zealand. and runs from the 28th February to the 25th March 2012.

Conflicted is a body of work which is both stimulating and thought provoking. These paintings represent landscapes where conflicts have taken place. They are “soundless”, but the silence itself is full of imagined noises. “Desolation” and the aftermath of conflict are the areas that interest Pippa. Her work is not only about the physical outer landscape…

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Posted on February 16, 2012

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